Jimmy Jib One Man Camera Crane

JimmyJib Camera Crane Griphouse Mallorca

The JimmyJIb Camera Crane is a very versatile und useful tool to acheive very smooth and fine movements. The crane is lightweight bur very stable and can handle ALL kind of cameras (16mm/35mm/HD/4K/6K/8/Large Format Arri/Arri Mini/Alexa/RED One…/Sony Venice etc etc) up to 15 KG total weight.
The weight of th JimmyJib full loaded is aprox 250 KG. You can use it on almost any surface, even beaches, mountais, streets, studio and of corse on cars and flat bed trucks. We provide mounts for the remote head and of course for gimbals like Ronin II.

Feel free to ask for a quote – send us an email with the details and we will give you an offer without obligation