Jimmy Jib One Man Camera Crane

JimmyJib Camera Crane Griphouse Mallorca

The Stanton JimmyJIb One-Man Camera Crane is a very versatile und very useful tool to acheive very smooth and fine camera movements.
The crane is lightweight and very stable and can handle almost ALL kind of cameras:
(16mm/35mm/HD/4K/6K/8K/Arri Alexa/Arri LF/Arri Mini/Mini LF/RED/Sony FS/F/Venice/DSLRs etc etc) up to 15 KG total weight.

The weight of the Stanton JimmyJib  Crane – fully loaded – is approx 250 KG. You can use it on almost any surface, even beaches, mountais, streets, studio and of course on cars and flat bed trucks. We also provide Euro-mounts for the remote head and for gimbals like Ronin II too.

The jib arm can be mounted on a Panther Dolly or any other heavy dolly/mount with Euro-Mount.
The Stanton Jimmy JIb is a very good and very economic alternative to drones for in house/stage shooting or shooting at small places, where other camera remote cranes can’t go.

With this lovely JimmyJib crane we worked around the world:
Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Poland, Montenegro, Kosovo, Vietnam, China, Bolivia, Canada, USA and more…

The transport even by airplane is very easy: three bags, one alu-case, one plastic case and the dolly frame: aprox 130 KG weight.
Footprint of the cargo items is approx 1 sqm.

Length overall: 8,00m
Reach: 1,80m / 3,70m / 6 m
Lensheight: underslung 5,90m / overslung 7,15 m
Weight: excl camera aprox 250 KG
Max. camera weight: 15KG

Feel free to ask for a quote – send us an email with the details of your next event and the venue and we will give you an offer without obligations.

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