Griphouse Palma de Mallorca Photo- Cine- TV-Equipment Rental:

Stanton Camera Crane, with Remote Head, Tripod, Off-Road Dolly and Acessoiries
(only with our Technician/Operator)

Raindeflector, for 15/19mm Rods, fits Arri BP Bridgeplates, 12-24 V

Mini Slider, 80 cm

25″ Panasonic Class One HD Monitor with Vector/Waveform

Canon 7D with PL Mount

Canon 70-200, 4, USM IS

Canon 100-400, 4, USM IS

Wendt XT4, Field Mixer 4 CH, 12V T, 48V Phantom

Beyerdynamic MCE 860 Shotgun Mic, with Boom and Blimp

500W Tungsten FresnelĀ  with Tripod

1000W Tunsgen Fresnel with Tripod

LED Daylight with Tripod

7″ BMD 4K Video Assist, with AC/DC

7″ 4K Monitor, Battery, Charger

7″ HD/SD Monitor with AC/DV and Battery

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need items not listed