Camera Crane Shooting Griphouse Palma de Mallorca

Stanton JimmyJib in Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca –
The super versatile JimmyJib III One-Man Camera Crane with our standard 2-axis remote head with a
payload capacity up to 15 KG of camera weight. 

Even though drones are very popular, our Stanton Camera Crane can work in crowded spaces, above people, safe and quiet (!), handles with ease  cameras of almost every kind: 
from 16mm, 35mm up to ARRI ALEXA 65, DSLR or what so ever, it doesn´t matter.

Easy to transport, easy to setup,  perfect for live and multicamera productions…and for low budgets as well.

Our JimmyJib Camera Crane is capable to support the Ronin II.
Since the crane is very light – max 250 KG incl. counterweights and has a small foot print – we can work almost everywhere i.e. on beaches, the mountains, top of roofs, flat bed cars, pick ups etc.

Step through the gallery to learn more about the versatility of our JimmyJib Camera Crane.

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